Monday 10 August 2020
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The Best Ways to Prevent Razor Bumps

Razor Bumps

Also called razor burn, razor bumps are small bumps that develop on the surface of the skin after shaving. It can make your skin sore, and at its worse, can lead to the development of permanent scars. This form of irritation is more common to men than women, especially those who shave every day. The good news is that there are certain ways by which you can avoid this, which will include those that will be briefly mentioned below.

Use Special Creams

When it comes to how to prevent razor bumps, one of the best solutions is to use a special cream, such as the one that you can find from Frederick Benjamin. The company manufactures creams and other skincare products that are formulated specifically for the treatment of razor bumps. They are made using natural ingredients, which is why you can expect that they will not be harsh on the skin, unlike others that can cause stinging and redness, among other side effects.

Apply Cold Compress

Aside from using special products from Frederick Benjamin, another solution that will work is using a cold compress immediately after shaving. In this case, all that you need to do is to wrap ice in a clean towel and apply on the affected area. Do this for about five to ten minutes. Do this several times a day to help in faster recovery. It can help in the reduction of inflammation and soothe the affected area.

Take a Steam Shower

Before you even shave, it will help if you will have a steamy shower. Warm water will make the skin softer, and hence when you shave, it won’t cause too much irritation. This is going to reduce the tension and the friction when the razor goes through the surface of your skin. The steam will also help in opening your pores for a smoother shaving experience.

Use Coconut Oil

Before you shave, it will also be good if you rub a small amount of coconut oil on the skin, which will act as a lubricant. With this, the blades will glide smoothly on the skin, reducing friction, and hence, minimizing the possibility that you will end up having razor burns.

Replace your Razor

You might not notice it, but a lot of problems in shaving can stem from the fact that you are using an old razor. When the blades are no longer as sharp as they should be, they can cause razor bump. According to The Sun, you should replace your razor after using it for shaving about five to seven times. Changing it often is important not only to ensure the sharpness of the blades but to be also confident that it’s free of bacteria.

This post tackled some of the best ways to prevent razor bumps, such as through using specially-formulated skincare products, applying a cold compress, taking a hot shower, applying coconut oil, and changing your razor frequently. By incorporating these things into your shaving routine, razor burns will be a thing of the past!

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