Monday 10 August 2020
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Super Healthy and Yummy Food Your Kids Will Love to Eat

As we know that kids just love to guzzle junks, snacks, and sweets all the time, which are often not that healthy. In the growing age, they need specific diets plans which provide them better immunity, height, weight, memory and overall health. But the fact is they never liked to eat fruits, vegetables, and other healthy meals. They just love to hook up with chocolates, pasta, pizza, cold drinks, and other junking snacks.

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Nutrients for Children

Healthy eating habits are a worth tough deed for the parents to make them learn to have a diet with nutrients, vitamins minerals, and dietary essentials. As a parent, you are the perfect example to set all your children with right and healthy eating habits. It is solely your responsibility to make your children eat right and proper to get all the necessary nutrition for their growth and development.

Children need an adequate amount of healthy nutrients for proper growth and development of their body, in both internal and external ways. The rich diet with sufficient healthy nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients is regularly needed to boost overall health.

Today in this blog I will be sharing some of the superfoods, essential nutrients that will be liked by your kids with a guarantee of healthy development.

Nine Essential Nutrients for Children:

Protein Are Perfect: It helps in the building of body cells, also helps food to breakdown into energy. It is the natural booster for the immune system and aids in fighting against with infections. Proteins are a great mediator that carry oxygen through blood circulation.

Food With Proteins: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Seafood, Eggs, Nuts, Beans, Lentils, Cereals, Milk and other dairy products (curd, cheese, butter, cottage cheese), etc.

Carbohydrates Are Caring: “Carbs” that is carbohydrates are one of the important sources of energy for body and children need plenty of it. Carbohydrates are real helpers to use body’s fact and proteins for building and repairing of cells and tissues. Carbohydrates are of various types actually, sugar, starches, and fiber, but eating more starchy and fiber food is always a boon for them.

Food with Carbohydrates: Bread, Cereals, Rice, Pasta, Potatoes, etc.

Fats Are Favourable: This is one of the high nutrient needed for kids as a source of energy. It basically helps other essential nutrients to boost and digest completely.

Food with Fats: Whole-milk and its dairy products, healthy cooking oils, meat, fish, nuts, etc.

Calcium Are Curers: Calcium is always prior to the proper growth and development of the child’s bones, and teeth. These are also boosters for blood clotting, nerves, muscles, and other body functions.

Food with Calcium: Milk, Cheese, Yogurt, Ice Creams, Egg Yolks, Broccoli, Spinach, Tofu and more.

Iron Is Important: Iron is an essential nutrient needed for overall child health, blood, blood vessels, and other body functions.

Food with Iron: Red Meat, Liver, Poultry, Shellfish, Fish, Seafood, Whole Grains, Beans, Nuts, Pulses, Iron fortifies cereals, etc.

Folate Is Fit: Folate is not only essential for babies in the womb but also for kids as well. The essential B vitamin is Folate which is vital for overall growth and development of the child’s body cells and tissues. Lack of this vitamin can cause anemia among kids.

Foods with Folate: Whole Grain Cereals, Lentils, Chickpeas, Asparagus, Spinach, Back or Red Kidney Beans, Brussels Sprouts.

Fiber Are Finest: Dietary fiber is always necessary not only for kids but for people of every age. It plays a crucial role in children’s health as regulate bowel process. It lowers the risk of heart disease and cancer in later life of the child. Fiber food helps in blood purification, detoxify the body, improves digestive tract, kidney process and more.

Food with Fiber: Whole Grain Cereals, Lentils, Chickpeas, Kidney Beans, Seeds, Nuts, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

Vitamin A Is Essential: It is an essential serving nutrient for children and adults. It gives benefits for the overall growth of the body, boosts eyesight, keeps skin nourished and healthy. It also works in favor of preventing infections as boost immunity.

Food with Vitamin A: Carrots, Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Apricots, Spinach, Broccoli, Cabbage, Fish Oils, Egg Yolks, etc.

Vitamin C Is Crucial: These are natural boosting nutrient for fighting against common infections and diseases. It increases the power of the immune system, strengthens body cells, blood vessels when the child gets injured. These are also known as natural healers on wounds. Also ensure healthy bones, teeth, and muscles.

Food with Vitamin C: Citrus Fruits (oranges, lemons, etc.), Strawberries, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Melons and Squashes, Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spanish, Papayas, Mangoes, etc.

Best and Healthy Superfoods for Kids:

1. Eggs:

Loaded with proteins, DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid), helps in healthy and proper development of children’s brain. Eggs are always loved by kids, and if still, they hate it, you can cook them with pasta, noodles, sandwich mix, etc.


Berries are best, yummy and juicy fruits that are loved by kids. These are rich in anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties. These are also loaded with minerals and vitamins. Berries include Strawberries, Blueberries, Cherries, Blackberries, etc. These can be served with raw sugar sprinkle or dipped in chocolates for more healthy and yummy taste.

3. Tuna Fish:

This might be not your child favorite but yet essential superfood, rich in nutrients. You can just mix tuna fish with a sandwich mix of vegetables. Try yummy tuna dinner recipes for easy guzzling of this less liked food. Easy tuna recipes for kids are Tuna Salad with Yogurt, Tuna Breadcrumb Cakes, Tuna Wraps, Tuna Salad Wraps, Cranberry Tuna Wrap, Rice and Tuna, Tuna Noodles, Tuna Cheese Burgers, etc.

4. Legumes and Beans:

These are of various kinds and kids mostly prefer eating kidney beans, chickpeas, black peas, baked beans, black-eyed peas. Legumes and beans are packed with vitamins, mineral, proteins, and dietary fiber that are all essential nutrients for children. These can be cooked and served as dinner meals, snacks, even in yummy breakfast snacks. Tasty beans and legumes dishes for children are Red Kidney Beans and Rice, Chickpeas Green Veggies, Rainbow Bowls, Cheesy Beans Rolls, and Puff Pockets and more.

5. Milk and Other Dairy:

Most of the kids just hate milk, and to deal with regular habits of hating milk and dairy products is just not new for parents. Milk is the best source that contains enough calcium, protein and other essential nutrients. Milk is required for the overall health of kid’s body, even boost brain development. Strong bones and teeth also need healthy eating habits, and milk is the prime source for it. To replace milk with healthy milkshakes with fruits is too easy to make them drink milk. Some try and easy yum milk recipes are: Chilled Chocolate milkshake, Fruits Milkshakes, and homemade Ice creams and custards.

6. Fruits and Vegetables:

Kids hate eating vegetables yet like to eat fruits. The tricky deed is to make your kid habitual of eating vegetables. In fact, green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, chards, kale are always the biggest enemy of kids. If you want your child to eat every vegetable, then simple is to change the recipes. Make cheesy sandwiches, cutlets, mix vegetable cheese balls and rolls in snacks. You can team vegetables as grated in noodles, pizzas, pasta, and rice recipes.

Mix Fruit salads, fruits in custards, ice creams, or with chocolate dips, sugar sprinkles are some taste melting dishes that will make your child fall in love with. Fruits served with jellies and jams, or in the form of fresh pulps is also preferred by kids.

Final Verdict:

I hope the mentioned essential nutrients, and foods will help you out significantly in a healthy way. These nutrients are always essentials and need for child’s growth and development so whether you child hate it or love it, ensure them to learn good eating habits as this non-junk food will really benefit their health in overall means.

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