Monday 10 August 2020
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Beauty of Hair: Women’s Eternal Crown

Introduction: Thick, wavy, curly, or scanty, you can be born with any type of hair. This is not in your control; rather what you can control is to take care of your hair. If you believe in this old saying that, “Hair is the crown that you never take off.”

Some of us have a tough time when it comes to the amount of effort and time put in for hair care. Some people say scanty hair is the most difficult type to care for and style with. There could be many such hurdles. But the truth is even scanty hair can look as good as you want it to be. All you need to know is to how to take care of your hair.

Let’s find out the easy ways for hair care –

  1. Find out the ‘root’ cause: If you see your hair is getting scanty by the day, probably you need some medication for it. Thyroid and anemia often lead to massive hair fall.
  2. Focus on a diet: You need to work on your diet plan if you want healthy growth of hair. Zinc and biotin are essential for healthy hair. These can be found in iron-rich food such as tofu, spinach, and kale. Protein is also important for hair growth. Therefore, your diet should include egg, grains, nuts and various low-fat dairy products.
  3. Scalp massage: Grandmother’s wisdom about hair care is still priceless. Regular oil massaging of the scalp leads to blood circulation and help plump up scanty hair. There are several biotique, ayurvedic and medicinal hair oil that prevent hair fall. Regular massaging of the scalp with these products should be part of your hair care plan.
  4. Towel-dry treatment: Most women are harsh on their hair. Especially, after taking a bath, it is important to be as gentle as possible with your hair. Dab the towel into your hair and then allow it to dry, instead of rubbing it vigorously. Using a microfiber water-absorbing towel is essential.
  5. Find out the right hair cleanser: Using the right hair cleanser is very important to increase the volume of your hair. Choosing the right kind of shampoo and hair conditioner that will not be toxic to your hair and scalp is a must. Make sure your shampoo contains the nutrients required to revitalize your tresses and thus making your hair voluminous and healthy.
  6. Switch styles and play it cool: You don’t need to wait for an occasion to change your hairstyle. Go for random style changes. Try to experiment with shorter and layered hairstyles.

If you are majorly suffering from hair fall then often using a comb is a bad idea. Try to stylish your hair with your fingers. This is a better technique to make your hair look stylish instead of using brush or comb.

Hair problems: When you start discussing this, it can be never-ending. Almost everything is responsible for whether you have healthy or unhealthy hair. These include the food you eat, the liquids you drink and the weather you live in.

Dry scalp or itchy scalp is one of the most major problems that women across the world suffer from.

Frequent itchiness: This might happen that you constantly feel irritation or itching in certain parts of your scalp. This is the previous stage of having a dry scalp which leads to flakes and makes your hair look dry and unhealthy.

Blame it on the weather: Weather conditions matter. Sudden fall in the temperature may lead to dry scalp. Using a lot of heat to dry your hair or using several styling techniques might lead to dry scalp.

Solution to dry hair: The first thing that dry hair and dry scalp demand is enough moisturizing. Now many women get this idea wrong. They tend to focus on the external nourishing by using various costly shampoos and conditioners but hardly pay any heed to internal nourishing. Consuming a sufficient amount of water and fruits and other nutrients come under internal moisturizing.

Hairstyles: Those with thick hair have no problem in trying different styling techniques. The problem arises for those with scanty hair. Here we will discuss some easy yet beautiful hair styling methods that can be tried for any occasion. Even those with the lesser volume of hair can try them.

  1. Layered Bob: This is a classic style that looks wonderful on women with fine hair. This is trendy and suits every face shape. When in the salon, ask your hairdresser to cut your tresses till chin and taper it in the back. This style makes your hair look thicker and fuller.
  2. Blunt bangs: Cut your hair into a sleek blunt fringe to make it look voluminous. This style adds dynamism to your face and makes the overall look gorgeous. Besides the fringe, you can keep the rest of the hair as it is or adds some curls to it. For a chic look, you can straighten them too.
  3. Tousled pixie cut: This style is famous among women who don’t get scared to take a leap of having super short hair. This style injects texture to your strands and gives your hair a fresh and clean look. You can try different styling with it by using some hair gel or hair potion.
  4. Low-bun chignon: A center-parted chignon which is placed right on the top of the nape of the neck is a classic party look for women with less hair. It is advisable that put some hair gel on the upper part of your hair to make them look shiny and glossy.
  5. Messy braid: This style always works for anybody and everybody. It is easy to achieve as the style itself is called messy. The idea is to keep the braid loose. You can tease the sections of your braid to make it look bigger.

Conclusion: Hair is one of the most essential parts of beauty. Therefore, you need to learn to take care of it on a daily basis. If you follow the above tips diligently, your hair will give you a bounty of beauty.

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