Monday 10 August 2020
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Beat The Heat – Stay Healthy This Summer With These 10 Fitness Tips!

With the hot and lazier days on the knock, it’s time to prepare your body to tackle summer health issues like dehydration, heat strokes, upset stomach, suntan, infections and more. Taking the right food intake rich in nutrients and fiber along with morning exercise is an ideal way to survive the summer heat and rising temperatures.

Get ready to restore and replenish your health with these amazing summer fitness tips listed here:

1. Add More Seasonal Fruits to Your Diet

Almost all fruits available in the warm months are a good source of water, vitamins, and nutrients that helps in preventing excessive water loss in the body. These fresh seasonal fruits have their own charm and a lot of benefits to offer.

Best Summer Foods: Plums, Tomatoes, Berries, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Oranges, Mangoes.

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated In & Out

Drinking around 8-10 glasses of water is extremely important to keep your body hydrated. Diarrhea and sweating are the common reasons that lead to water loss in the body. Try adding some energy drinks and glucose water at least twice a day to restore the nutrients and regain stamina. Avoid drinking extremely chilled water as it has a negative impact on health.

3. Downsize the Amount of Food Intake

Hot weather takes a toll on your digestive system. No matter, which age group you are in, digesting food takes longer and in some cases, may even cause nausea. It’s better to eat little at regular intervals. Make a habit of eating lighter meals consisting of fresh fruits and salads. Don’t skip a meal at any cost.

4. Choose Fresh Juices over Carbonated Drinks

Feeling thirsty most of the time? Summers are to blame. Reach out for fresh fruit juices to quench your thirst. Avoid drinking carbonated drinks as they consist of preservatives and proven hazardous on health in the long run.

Best Summer Juices: Orange juice, Apple juice, Pineapple juice, Watermelon juice, and Lemon water.

5. Binge on Lighter Snacks at Work

You may end up feeling hungrier and less energetic in summers. The reason being the bright sun that soaks your inner energy every time you step outside. To beat the summer heat, keep your body prepared by munching on nutrient-rich snacks every 2-3 hours in the day. Prefer carrying snacks at work and eat frequently to stay energized.

Lighter Snack Options: Nuts, Sesame Seeds, Trail Mixes, Seeds, Fruits, Salads.

6. Replace Sweet Tea with Green Tea

Are you a tea lover? But, sunny days and hot tea don’t make a good combination. Start drinking green tea instead of sweet milk tea as the former one plays a crucial role in speeding up the metabolism rate of the body. It also helps in making your skin look younger and glowing. Grab a box of green tea bags now to stay fresh and hydrated.

7. Eat More Cooling Foods & Salads

Staying cool is very important to beat the effects of rising body temperature that can impact your overall health. Your daily diet plays a great role in providing protection from the scorching heat. Munch up on body cooling and water-rich foods to keep your inner body refreshed and hydrated for longer.

Cool Foods & Salads: Watermelon, Sesame, Coconut water, Cucumber, Mint, Fennel seeds.

8. Avoid Fatty & Fried Fast Food

It’s good to say no to fried and fatty foods which are hard to digest in the hot summer months. Made from unsaturated oils and fats, these foods take a lot longer to digest compared to light meals and may end up making you feel lethargic. This summers, no more fried snacks, and fast food.

9. Limit Your Favorite Coffee Drink

Excessive intake of caffeine is responsible for causing stomach troubles and retards the smooth functioning of your digestive system. Though it tastes amazing, the cons of drinking coffee in summers are a lot more than its pros. It leads to health issues like stomach ulcers, acidity, and heartburn among many others.

10. Don’t Compromise With Hygiene

Hygiene should be your foremost concern in summers. Make sure everything you touch, eat or drink is clean, healthy and hygienic. Avoid eating at restaurants or food courts and prefer eating at home. Wash your hands before every meal and say no to unhygienic food.

Follow the above given healthy diet tips for a happy and healthy you!

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