Monday 10 August 2020
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Artagia Med Surgical Suture practice Kit

As a med student suturing comes with the territory. There is a saying that says, “A doctor shouldn’t learn to suture in the OR. A dr. should learn to suture in a sim lab, practice on their own, and then demonstrate their skills in the OR”.

The question that comes to mind, how to practice sutures if not in the OR? There are a few options you have to practice your suturing techniques. The sim lab is one of them. However, do not expect your sim lab to be fully equipped or is enough for you. Mastering suturing takes a lot of practice, and I mean lots of practice. At the sim lab, you will learn the basics, however, mastering the basics and perfecting different suturing techniques comes from practicing on your own. That where Practice Suture Kits comes in handy.

The suture practice kit from Artagia Med presents the perfect solution for every student’s suture practice dilemma. The Artagia medical student suture kit.

Practicing Suturing Techniques

As mentioned before, practice is the key to perfect sutures. Without extensive and repeated practice, you will not achieve the desired perfect suture. Previously, surgeons used any flesh to practice on. Fruits, chicken, even pigs. These will do well in terms of mimicking the human flesh; however, they fall short in the repeat part. You cannot take a pig to your home and practice upon, and if you can it will prove very difficult, with a limited number of suture practicing sessions. With the advance of technology, silicon has proved to be a valuable asset. Companies have perfected making practice suture pads from silicon that mimics the feel of human flesh as possible. Moreover, a silicon suture practice pad can be used anywhere, and some like the Artagia medical student suture kit can last for over 100 practice sessions. That will provide you with the practice needed to perfect your sutures techniques.

Choosing Suture Practice Kit

When looking for a suture practice pad so that you can learn to suture perfectly, the first and most important thing you need to search for is the feel of the pad. Choosing a suture practice pad that feels as close to natural as possible is the one you are looking for. However, be careful when choosing, because not all suture kits mimic the feel of natural skin. Yes, many of them state they have a natural feel to them, but only a handful that really fulfills that. Stay away from those pads that contain only one layer of silicon, they are not realistic and are inferior to other suture pads.

The best suture practice pad should contain three layers, to mimic the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous fat. Practicing suturing on a pad with three layers is the best thing a student can do as it mimics human flesh and provide a real-like experience.

Artagia Med Surgical Suture Practice Kit

The Artagia Med Suture Practice kit comes equipped with everything you need to start practicing your suturing techniques. It includes all the essential suture tools you need in one package, the hegar needle holder, Adson forceps, the suture scissors, five packs of scalpel blades, and 7 packs of suture threads.

The Artagia Med Suture Practice Kit is made from high-end, durable materials. The suture pad is designed to duplicate the anatomical structure of human flesh. It contains three layers, skin, fat, and muscle. These layers provide the student with a real life-like experience of the human flesh. It is designed to include 14 wounds of eight different types. Moreover, it can be used over 100 times.

When it comes to practicing sutures and mastering all the techniques, Artagia Med Suture Practice Kit is the number one choice for all medical professionals.

Where to buy the Suture Kit?

You can buy the Artagia Med Suture Practice Kit via their official website ( or via Amazon.

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