Monday 10 August 2020
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A Successful Guide to Weight Loss

Introduction: Weight loss, these two words feature in the achievement list many people. People, irrespective of their age, sex and professional backgrounds try to obtain fitness in order to be on par with their fast life. But have you ever thought why only a handful of them successfully lose their weight and others don’t?

Let’s find out the reasons.

The myths around weight loss: The industry of weight loss is buzzing with myths. People often end up doing crazy things and take weird attempts in order to shed the extra flab on their body. But mostly, they follow these techniques blindly, without even knowing if a particular technique is at all beneficial to their health and fitness.

Be scientific: Following years of rigorous research, scientists have found out some easy and effective strategies of weight loss.

These evidence-based strategies can be followed by anyone and everyone –

  1. Water, the best potion: It is as simple as it sounds. Drinking water can help you reduce a great amount of weight. Start your day by drinking at least half a liter in empty stomach. The practice should be followed before every meal. This increases your metabolism to over 30 percent and helps you burn off more calories.
  2. Egg in breakfast meal: Studies have shown that eating eggs with grain-based breakfast help you consume fewer calories for the next 36 years. It has other benefits as well. If you are a vegetarian, it is okay to replace egg with some other protein ingredient.
  3. Black coffee and green tea: Coffee, a great drink with several health benefits, has been unfairly demonized. Coffee is full of antioxidants. Caffeine in it can improve metabolism by almost 11 percent. Keep it black and sugar-free to enjoy its reducing benefits. Green tea, on the other hand, contains catechins antioxidants. It burns off fat systematically.
  4. Follow low-carb diet plan: You have to be committed to your low-carb diet plan to get all its benefits. It is scientifically proven that following a low-carb diet regimen helps you lose weight almost three times more than following an ordinary low-fat diet.
  5. Smaller plates and probiotic supplements: Try to keep the portion of your meals smaller. It is natural to feel hungry when you start this practice. The best idea is to surround yourself with various healthy food items. Grain bars, whole fruits, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs, baby carrots, and nuts are good options to munch on.
  6. Exercise and aerobics: Doing aerobic exercise is a great way to reduce fat and improve your physical and mental health. Cardio exercises can shed your belly flab. This is very significant. Unhealthy fat tends to build up surrounding the stomach, causing a lot of metabolic diseases. If at the beginning doing exercise seems too much, you can start with simple jogging and running. Daily sprints of three or four rounds out in the open also help reduce the extra amount of body mass.
  7. Lift little weigh: Now, this must be conducted under some expert guidance. Doing some sort of resistance exercise, such as weight lifting, is important. It keeps your metabolism high and also prevents you from losing your precious muscle mass. But what sort of weightlifting practices are ideal for you can only be decided after talking to experts. Unguided plans might be risky for your health and it can cause any untoward incident. Therefore, talk to your gym instructor and physician and choose the best plan.
  8. Eat more fiber, veggies, and fruits: The long-term benefits of weight loss can be achieved by eating more fiber-contained food. Hence, consuming more vegetable and fruits is also beneficial as they have fewer calories and lots of fiber. Fruits and vegetable also contain a significant amount of water, making them very filling.
  9. The art of eating: This may come as a surprise to many. But yes, eating itself is an art. It is undoubtedly wrong to gobble up meals. Also, constantly having water along with your meal should be avoided too. Chewing your food slowly help you consume fewer calories and increases the production of your enzyme hormones.
  10. Cut on sugar elements: We are all aware that sugar is bad. The liquid form of sugar that we generally consume with tea, coffee, fruit juice, and various other soft drinks is even worse. Liquid sugar is responsible for causing the most fattening aspect of your modern-day diet plan. Sugar contained beverages are to be blamed for increasing 60 percent risk of obesity. The effects of such drinks are worse among children who get caught with obesity very easily. So go for whole fruits and avoid sugary drinks altogether.
  11. Check on sodium level: Excess amount of sodium level is bad for health. It causes bloating of fatty muscles. Excessive sodium is also responsible for increased blood pressure. Therefore, check your sodium level. You don’t need the extra sodium.
  12. Adopt intermittent fasting: This method is also scientifically tried and tested. Intermittent fasting not only helps you reduce weight but also keeps your immune system functioning. This is useful for continuous calorie restriction.
  13. Get a good amount of sleep: One of the most important factors of weight loss is having a quality time of uninterrupted sleep. But the majority of health freaks consider sleep as an unimportant subject. The importance of good night’s sleep is very much underrated. Poor sleep is linked to obesity and it also leads to various cardiac ailments. Soothing your nerves is as important as having a fit body.
  14. Expert advice: It is always advised that you consult with your physician before starting a rigorous diet plan. The sudden jump to new diet regimen might hamper your overall health. Therefore, it is good to talk to your dietician and get a plan based on your medical history.

Conclusion: Last but not least, in order to have the long-term benefits of weight loss, you must have some patience. Shedding little by a little amount of extra flab is the key. Drastic reduction of weight might be alarming to your health. So, go slow but steady.

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